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Name:Mr. G Ganesh [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:+91 9323147365
Phone Number:+91 22 28553262
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Address:G-2 Raval Towers, Next to Hotel Hardik Palace, Mira Road (E)
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Registration Date:Apr. 15, 2008
Last Updated:Apr. 15, 2008
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Chemicals category

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Sub: Business Opportunities – Wood Preservatives

Advance Agrisearch Limited ( AAL) is pleased to introduce as largest manufacturers and exporters of WOOD PRESERVATIVES in India under the brand name Termi Guard ( colourless) and Timber Guard ( Light Brown) manufactured from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid ( Anacardium Pericarp Extract) , a natural plant extract as main ingredient at our own manufacturing facilities at Valsad near Mumbai and Roorkee near Delhi for over a decade. Our wood preservatives are also marketed through Pidilite Industries Ltd, a blue chip company through its world-wide network under their brand name TERMINATOR since 2004 and have not received a single complaint on efficacy of product and the product is well received and appreciated.

Our products were certified and endorsed by The Institute of Wood Science & Technology, Bangalore after bio-efficacy test of our product for 12 months in termite yard, maintained by Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education near Bangalore in the year 2002. Moreover, we are now in the process of obtaining relevant certifications including ISO 9001-2000 shortly. We are also a member of American Wood Protection Association ( AWPA) , USA.

We are the only manufacturer of wood preservatives maintaining a termite-yard of our own where after production of each batch, the product is put to test on live termites and only after ascertaining its efficacy to our Q.A.’ s full satisfaction, it is packed for sale/ export. This is one of the important reasons for our product being well received and appreciated by the end users and why the demand of our product is continuously growing.

Manufacturing Wood Preservatives from Anacardium Pericarp Extract which is natural plant based, less expensive, proven effective product and is being used for centuries in India for wood preservation and treatment to protect and preserve, wood, timber and plywood from infestation by termites and borers.

Wood Preservatives exported by us are developed from natural ingredients, are eco-friendly, non-carcinogenic, very efficacious, less expensive products and can be used for both interior applications on furniture, particle board, plywood and hardboard, and exterior applications on poles, sleepers, packing cases, fencing, log houses, pallets and timber logs.

Our wood preservatives are used as better performing and highly efficacious substitutes for conventional wood preservatives such as Creosote, CCA, Pentachlorophenol, Aldrin, Dursban, Chlorpyriphos and Chlordane etc.

Trials and test carried out on our products proved them better efficacious than available pesticides as wood preservatives, environment friendly, non-carcinogenic, cost-effective, safe and easy to use.

We also manufacture Anacardium Pericarp Extract based emulsifiable concentrate a termiticide for termite control to be used in 1: 40 ratio with water for soil and structure treatment for cure from & prevention of termites for soil & structure preservation. After three years experimental use this product has been endorsed and approved for termite control in forestry and construction industry by The Forest Science Laboratory of the State Government of Rajasthan ( India) and 52 ranges of forest division of Rajasthan Govt. are using it for prevention and control of termite menace. The product is widely used for preventing fungus growth on exterior of buildings by its 25 ml mixed with each litre of exterior paint. Being highly effective this product is used for Pest Control in houses and Buildings in place of synthetic insecticides. It’ s use is growing rapidly.

During application process for its infusion, our natural wood preservatives Termi Guard & Timber Guard encapsulate the wood substrates by forming a semi-vapor permeable and water repellant barrier that interlocks with wood strands and fibers and offers controlled topical and sub-surface moisture absorption while also eliminating chances of leaching. It guarantees to protect the wood against fungus and insect infestation, mildew and mold and provides lifetime safety to wood from all termites including subterranean termites as well as the wood borers.

If you require wood preservatives, we are in a position to develop wood preservative for any specific end-use and color most cost-effectively to meet your requirements by making use of our world class infrastructure, R & D and resources. We will also consider your proposals for contract and research manufacturing, label manufacturing if required as we do have 6, 000, 000 litres on 250, 000 sq.ft area on single shift basis.

Please visit our website www.aal.in for more information on our products and services.

We look forward to your kind response soon and we thank you in anticipation of the same.

Thanks and regards





MOBILE: + 91 9323147365 TEL/ FAX: + 91 22 28553262

EMAIL: exports@ aal.in; Website: www.aal.in

Advance Agrisearch Ltd.( India) -- The Makers of Termiguard and Timberguard Wood Preservatives.

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